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  • U.K. Carbon-Capture Market May Generate $6.6 Billion a Year, an Industrial Info News Alert
  • Alternative Fuels Corporation and University of Witwatersrand Sign Exclusive Agreement to Produce Fischer Tropsch Fuels and Chemical Feedstocks
  • G4G Resources' Subsidiary Alternative Fuels Corp. Concludes Exclusive Agreement With University of Witwatersrand to Produce Fuels & Chemical Feedstocks From Municipal Waste, Natural Gas & Coal


  • Fuel cell firm turns to chemicals industry to tear down hydrogen barrier
  • For sale: Houston biodiesel plant, nation's largest
  • Material Derived From Carbonized Chicken Feathers Could Meet DOE Hydrogen Storage Targets

Ethanol Industry News

  • DF Cast: Charting the Future of Ethanol
  • More Distillers Grains Heading North
  • Process Optimization Seminar
  • Feds Issue First Offshore Wind Energy Leases
  • Mechanics Trained to Fix Hybrids