Technical And Scientific developments

Perhaps the biggest challenge facing investors and entrepreneurs within the alternative fuels universe is evaluating all of the myriads of production processes and products vying for acceptance in the marketplace. So many scientific disciplines figure in the alternative fuels industry today that no one individual can hope to grasp all of the intricacies of all of the technologies. Organic chemistry, botany, genetic engineering, geophysics, and even plasma physics all play varying roles in the underlying design of modern plants and processes, making competitive assessments between and among fuels and production methods difficult indeed.

We recognize the dilemma facing investors and entrepreneurs confronting a bewildering array of purported solutions to our energy problems, and attempting distinguish what is truly promising from the technical dead ends. Juice draws upon its own extensive panel of experts to arrive at just estimations of both the technical and market potential of any given process, and the likely cost of further improvements necessary to render emerging technologies market ready.

We’ll keep you informed on new developments in the field of alternative fuels—and they happen almost daily—and you’ll stay well ahead of those relying on the general business press or even the specialized journals dealing with various segments of the alternative fuels business. We stay abreast of startup activity and pre-commercial proof of concept projects, and we also follow academic research in the field and the work of government laboratories. If the news is vital, you’ll see it here, and you’ll probably see it here first.

All of our scrutiny is grounded in a broad historical approach which examines patterns of technological innovation in the context of larger economic and even social forces rather than in terms of hype cycles and impulse investing. We have an excellent track record of identifying winners in a number of high tech industries, and in the issues to follow help you distinguish feasibility from folly in the often bewildering world of alternative fuels.