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We’ve been publishing Juice for over four months now and we’re planning on revamping the Website to encourage reader responses. For now we’re devoting a brief article to the subject.

Alternative fuel comprises a vast field encompassing giant energy companies as well as startups and a whole myriad of competing products and technologies. How are we doing in covering it? What should we be reporting and analyzing that we’re not?

Frankly our aim is to make this journal a paying proposition eventually either through the sale of advertising premium content or both. We’ll always offer an abundance of free content because we think that the public should have a central source of accurate, in-depth information on alternative energy, but we also intend to run the publication as a business. And to do that we need to serve your needs as well as possible

What you like to see emphasized more in the future: finance and funding; new developments in foundational science and technology; legislation and regulation; marketing; business practices?

What kind of information would be especially valuable to your organization?

Should we be profiling successful companies and offering case studies?

Should we provide more business statistics relevant to the industry?

Should we offer practical information in areas such as securing funding, plant engineering and management, and identifying markets?

One of our midterm objectives is to build an industry directory. We’ll be doing this in parts, the first dealing with biofuels and the second with unconventional fossil fuels. Although unconventional fossil fuels may prove to be a bigger industry, at least in the midterm, it offers far fewer opportunities for entrepreneurs and so we’re starting with biomass.

Would such a directory be valuable to you?

What kinds of categories would you like to see included?

We’d appreciate hearing from you, and we’re not averse to criticism.