Announcing the Quiddity Research Group - Custom Research on Energy and the Environment

The Quiddity Research Group, an adjunct of Alternative Fuels World, will begin operations effective June 15 of 2008.

Quiddity Research Group's mission is to perform reality based market research and technology assessment regarding new energy sources and technologies and the environmental consequences of utilizing them. We will be addressing a broad range of energy related topics relating to transportation, electrical utilities, and of course new developments in alternative fuel processing and feedstocks.

It is not our intent to provide hype based forecasts to stimulate emerging markets or to assist technology startups in securing funding. Although many industry analyst groups have chosen to follow just such a course, we emphatically reject this approach. Our reports represent our best estimate, not somebody's wishful thinking.

We are willing and able to undertake projects involving alternative energy sources, especially fuel sources; wind, solar, ocean, and geothermal energy; hydrogen fuel, fuel cells; advanced batteries; innovative heat engines; electrical transmission and distribution; and carbon management and mitigation.

In contradistinction to most industry analyst groups, it is our preference to conduct studies for individual client or groups of subscribers—in other words, we are disinclined to perform speculative studies. We are however making an exception with respect to our first effort which will be the first available in-depth study of algal biofuels.

Interested parties should contact Daniel Sweeney at (818) 841-1459 or [email protected]

For insight into our philosophy of forecasting and market projection read the tutorial placed elsewhere on this Website in the section entitled Primers. It is entitled "The Words of the Prophet"