Legislative And Regulatory

It is no exaggeration to suggest that the midterm prospects of the altenative fuels industry will hinge on worldwide legislative and regulatory initiatives. The current regulatory environment heavily favors producers and distributors of conventional fossil fuels in most areas of the world, and many if not most governments provide de facto subsidization of these same industries, which, in most cases already enjoy a production price advantage over alternative fuels due to fully amortized production facilities, mature technologies for processing and extraction, and a comprehensive and highly efficient distribution infrastructure. In order to match these advantages alternative fuels require the enactment of favorable government policies, at least for the time being.

We’ll keep you up to date on significant legislation and regulatory developments throughout the world, and beyond that we’ll provide in-depth legislative analysis and a look at the politics and the special interests behind enacted and proposed legislation.

We’ll also stray into intellectual property issues from time to time, and we’ll discuss the impact, favorable and otherwise, of various environmental measures. We’ll also look at relevant social movements likely to find expression in relevant political action.

Our emphasis will be on analysis, not advocacy. Our aim is to assist individuals with a stake in the business in rational decision making, and such deliberation is facilitated by an understanding what is likely rather than what may be desired. In any case, industry advocacy in respect to alternative fuels is a short term measure because in the end the world will have no choice but to embrace them.

It pays to keep fully informed any and all legislative and political agendas impacting the energy sector. We’ll report on all such developments and indicate their impact on the alternative fuels industry and appropriate business responses for benefiting from favorable legislation and mitigating the effects of adverse governmental actions.