Announcing Our Industry Directory

Long time readers will note that we have been relatively inactive for several months, only increasing our frequency of publication over the course of the last few weeks. The reason for my extended neglect of my own publication was that I had been hired by another publisher to launch both a news journal and a portal dealing with what he liked to term the "carbon economy", that is, the emerging industry for managing greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, this particular publishing venture appears unlikely to come to fruition any time soon, and I am no longer associated with it, hence my determination to better serve the readers of this publication by devoting far more attention to it. I was glad to have the opportunity to learn about carbon abatement while being compensated for doing so, but I am frankly more committed to reporting on energy itself, and more, specifically, on alternative fuels.

I believe that the most valuable contribution that I can make as a publisher to stakeholders in the diverse and growing alternative fuels business is to assemble a comprehensive directory of resources. By this I mean not simply a listing of alternative fuels technology platform developers or manufacturers, but also a full enumeration of the providers of feedstocks; plant engineering expertise; distribution and transport; storage; refining and upgrading where appropriate; production, testing, and monitoring equipment; industry certification; blending; marketing and branding; regulatory compliance services; and various other support services.

What this will be is essentially a business to business directory. If for instance, you're looking for vendors of previously mined oil shale which you might wish to use a feedstock, you'll find it here. If you wish to select a means of transporting your fuel which will leave the smallest carbon footprint, we'll suggest options such as commercial fleets running on renewable fuels. And if you're seeking investment dollars to take your alternative fuels business to the next level, we'll provide you with a catalogue of obvious and less than obvious sources.

Obviously a project of this scope isn't completed overnight, and we'll be putting it together section by section. The first installment will be all about algae and algal fuels. The listings will be quite specific, and will consist of those companies and institutions involved in the production of biofuels from algae and other microbial sources. In the past we have accorded some coverage to algal fuel firms simply because I believe that algae is a intriguing and promising feedstock. But, very recently, my interest level has risen to new heights because I have been commissioned to do a study on the algae phenomenon, and, in the process of performing research in this area, I have identified no less than seventy firms with involvement in the business, most of whom are startups. Algae is in the midst of a boom, not so big a boom as the "hydrogen economy" of a few years back or the much more recent ethanol boom, but a boom nonetheless. Furthermore, algae cultivation is mysterious in a way that hydrogen or ethanol production is not, and fairly cries out for an independent assessment. It is my intention of providing it.