Finance And Markets

The alternative fuels business over the course of the last three years has become a magnet for independent investors as well as a locus for internal investment on the part of major energy companies. Billions are going to exploration for unconventional fossil fuels, and new fields are being opened while biofuel production facilities are increasing capacity at over 50% per annum. To say that alternative fuels are experiencing a boom is an understatement.

Prior experience with other industries experiencing aggressive growth has convinced us that alternative fuels investing is likely to exhibit the same irrational exuberance that marked the telecommunications and information technology industries in the previous decade, and for this we offer a countervailing dose of rational sobriety.

We’ll be giving the new technologies and the new business plans a searching appraisal, and we’ll state our findings with no equivocation. We aim to be the primary source for deep and unbiased business intelligence on this vitally important space, we’ll never understate the risks nor overstate the opportunities.

In order to preserve our objectivity and avoid obvious conflicts of interest and lapses in journalistic ethics, we make it our stated policy never to report on any concern with whom we have invested funds. We will go further and state that we will never make any investment in the energy sector, not because opportunities do not abound, but because such opportunities must not be seized by reporters and analysts who wish to remain free from influence.