The Long Awaited Ethanol Study

Is ethanol the fuel of the future and the solution to our energy problems? Does the ethanol industry really represent tremendous investment opportunities over the long run? And what about the buzz surrounding cellulosic ethanol? Is it warranted, and is that where the industry is going?

Whether you’re a decision maker in an investment firm, a farmer looking for a hedge against fluctuating food crop prices or a whole new profit center, or an individual responsible for studying or determining public policy, you need to know the facts behind the latest energy boom. You need an impartial analysis of the players, the feedstocks, and the manufacturing techniques within the fastest growing segment of alternative fuels. Your single source for ethanol fuel industry information is Fuel Ethanol a brand new report from Visant Strategies,

Fuel Ethanol looks at where the industry has been and where it is going, and provides extensive analysis of the various factors aiding and impeding the growth of the industry. Ethanol production, transport, and retail distribution are all examined from a global as well as a U.S. perspective. Extensive consideration is given to the economics of all of the major feedstocks, current and proposed, and best estimates are provided as to the viability of all of the principal production techniques, both established and experimental. The widely publicized Brazilian ethanol boom is subject to particularly thorough scrutiny, and its implications for the global ethanol industry are fully elucidated.

Since no liquid fuel industry exists in a vacuum, this study provides a comprehensive context encompassing all of the rival fuels which will be contending with ethanol for dominance within the personal transportation sector. A key finding is that the dominance of ethanol within this sector is by no means assured, and that ethanol producers, irrespective of their current successes, face ongoing challenges that will only intensify in the midterm.

The place of fuel ethanol is also examined within aviation, marine, and stationary power markets and feasibility of an overall transition from petroleum to ethanol is examined.

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A related study dealing with hydrogen fuel and its markets is also for sale by Visant Strategies. Studies are in preparation on biodiesel, photovoltaics, and advanced battery design. Custom studies are also possible. For more information call me, Dan Sweeney.

Abundant quantitative data relating to past, current, and projected production volumes are provided as well as