Dan Sweeney

Dan Sweeney, Ph.D., is an award winning business and technology journalist with over twenty years of experience and more than ten thousand publications to his credit. Dan has also worked as an industry analyst, successfully tracking technology and market developments in the fields of energy, telecommunications, consumer electronics and transportation. He has particular expertise in systematic technology forecasting and he has written extensively on the subject. He has performed technology and market assessments for venture capitalists, angel investors, and venture backed startups, and has appeared as an industry expert at trade conventions and industry conferences.

Dan was a well known commentator on overall industry trends and developments during the tech boom of the last decade, and he sees strong parallels between the rise of network computing and the emergence of new energy industries. His mission as a publisher is to identify nascent technology and market trends within the alternative fuel industry and to provide competitive and market intelligence to enable investors and entrepreneurs to make informed business decisions.

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