Algae Report

We have been in the midst of researching algal biofuels for a number of months. Before we proceed further with this endeavor, we wish to determine the market potential for such a study. Alternative fuels is a funny business. We produced an ethanol study at the height of the ethanol boom and sold a handful of copies. We produced a hydrogen study after the hydrogen bubble at already burst and we sold over thirty copies, which is fairly strong sales for a product priced in the four figures.

Interest in algae as a feedstock for biodiesel and various synfuels appears to be extremely high, and investment has been pouring into this area. But we are not certain if any significant numbers of individuals are interested in a summary analysis of the potential for this new industry to develop and to find its own markets. Especially one that costs money.

So here's your chance to express an interest. Simply by reading this outline you are expressing some degree of interest. More relevant for our purposes are direct communications. Contact me, Dan Sweeney, by email or call at (818) 954-0480.

We have not determined an exact price for this product as yet, but figure on around $2,000.

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