Structural Nanotubes Now?

It has been a while—quite awhile—since I’ve made a posting. The new energy technology company of which I am a cofounder has take up nearly all my time and energies, and much of the information I would have wanted to post is now proprietary and thus I can only make mentions of areas peripheral to my own research efforts—areas which, unfortunately, I do not research intensively as a rule.

Renewable Energy and Energy Storage

Relevance of Our Work to the Development of Renewable Energy Sources

A couple of years back I published a pair of lengthy pieces on what was known as the “hydrogen highway”, a term which appears to have passed out of use less than ten years after its coinage. The term referred to a transportation system based upon hydrogen fuel—a system which would presumably supplant the established system, which is, of course, based almost entirely upon fossil fuels.

$20 per Gallon

So called green energy ventures definitely constitute a growth industry and no segment more than publishing in this area. I myself am contributing to the flood of new titles, so I should know.

Carbon Nanotube Structural Composites - Implications and Impact

Some time ago we ran a series of articles on lightweight construction and how it might play in various forms of transport in our energy constrained future.

Two Timely Books

Recently I was sent two somewhat similar books to review, "Storms of My Grandchildren" by James Hansen and "Thoughts of a Scientist, Citizen, and Grandpa on Climate Change" by Eric P. Grimsrud.

Beginnings and Endings

This week I completed my book on residential renewable energy. Our company also secured some second round funding.

Renewables and Finance

Few have made the transition from alternative energy trade journalist to alternative energy equipment manufacturer. I may not be unique but I represent a rare species.

Book Update, Stealth Mode, and Other Matters

The designated function of this Website of late has been to promote a book I'm writing on residential renewable energy.

Alternative Fuels Redux - Contemplating a Comeback

Two and half years ago when I initiated this journal the universe of alternative fuels was an expanding universe.

Electric Drive vs. Internal Combustion - Reconsidering the Electric Car

The preceding installment of this two part series ended with establishment of the gasoline automobile as a successful consumer durable good in the U.S.

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